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About the Old Philosopher

By age 18 Bob Walterscheid was married and the owner of a downtown Wichita cigar store. He would go onto enjoy a career spanning over 50 years in sales  and advertising.

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If Bob is telling a story you are assured of two things: humor and wisdom.  A few years ago, I had Bob sit down and tell us his life’s story.  KGPT TV created an award- winning video from his ‘stories’.  From being adopted at 3 months old for a $2.75 fee, to creating the first Pizza Hut commercial, every story made you smile and taught.  As you read Bob’s ‘Old Philosopher’ you will surely smile and, gain wisdom!  


 -John Pappert


KGPT TV                                                                                                                                          

This is great! I was intrigued to continue reading the book. I was a little surprised that the stories went from a competitive sports memory, to business to everyday living. However, the stories did come back full circle and reflect on what is important. 


-Brenda Wasinger

Director of Development

Dear Neighbor Ministries

Putting three unrelated subjects together to get one result is very difficult. This book shows it can be done. You’re in for a treat that will give you lots to think about.


-Robert M. Martinez 

Founder/CEO Marketing Venture Partnerships LLC